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Why isimo?

You might know this situation: Every day you are dealing with a lot of paper documents that you have to exchange with many different business partners.

You need to manage and organize all these analyses and certificates so that you have the right-to-date document at your fingertips at any time. Because you have to respond quickly when a business partner is asking for an updated certificate. So you also have to keep the period of validity constantly in mind.

It´s a real paper jungle you are struggling with every day, often more difficult due to poor legibility of the documents.

So why not making use of a helping hand? isimo assists you to stay on top of things and to exchange documents easily.

isimo stands for

  • secure capturing of certificates and analyses
  • clearly arranged and classified document management
  • global access to your data at any time, from any place
  • quick access to your documents via extended queries
  • connecting to and collaborating with agents, customers and suppliers
  • convenient validity monitoring for your certificates
  • certificate sharing with your business partners
  • enhanced evaluation and reporting
  • qualified risk assessment
  • in short: improving and accelerating your business decision-making!

In addition isimo increases your data security (backup service). And it clears up your writing-desk, because all your documents are centrally stored, ready for fast and direct online access whenever needed.

isimo saves your time and money.

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